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Does it harm the car to fill the tank every time?


When the car tank is filled with oil, the vehicle tank systems are normal, and there is no impact on the vehicle. Because the gasoline tank and gasoline are added to the jump gun, there is also a certain storage space in the car tank, which will not cause harm to the vehicle, and there is no safety hazard.


However, if the gas tank of the car is refueled, the fuel gun has jumped, but it is necessary to continue to hold the gun to slowly refuel the gas tank, there will be other risks. When refueling is too full, the gasoline expanded at high temperature will flow into the inlet along the pipeline, which will cause the car to be unable to start after filling the oil, and even flow out of the gasoline from the carbon tank. This will also make the carbon tank fail, it is easy to cause fire in case of open fire, there is a high safety risk.