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Will bird droppings on the glass hurt the glass


Generally not, but the bird poop time is long, after removal there may be difficult to remove the mark, this mark do not use nails or other sharp things buckle, careful damage to the paint.

The best way is to fill with water, and wash away the bird poop after soaking it soft.

Automobile glass is essential in the automobile body accessories, mainly plays a protective role.

Automotive glass mainly has the following three categories: laminated glass, tempered glass and regional tempered glass.

The front windshield must be laminated glass, the side window glass is tempered glass, and the rear windshield is generally tempered glass with electric heating wire.

Laminated glass is a glass product made of two or more layers of glass bonded with one or more layers of transparent bonding material.

Tempered glass: the glass is heated in the heating furnace to close to the softening temperature, when the glass is in a sticky flow state, heat preservation for a period of time, and then the piece of glass is quickly sent to the cooling device, and the glass is evenly quenched with low temperature high-speed air flow, so that the inner layer of the glass produces tensile stress, the outer surface produces compressive stress, and the glass products are fully tempered glass after this treatment.

Regional tempered glass: The glass is heated in the heating furnace to close to the softening temperature, and then the glass is quickly sent into the wind grid with different cooling strengths, and the glass is unevenly cooled, so that the main view area of the glass and the surrounding area produce different stresses. The peripheral area is in the strong wind position of the wind grid, and the full tempering is carried out. The debris in this position is good and the tempering strength is high. The glass produced by this method is regionalized glass.