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What material is HEPA made of?


There are many kinds of materials that make up HEPA, which can be divided into PP(polypropylene) high efficiency filter paper, PET filter paper, PP and PET composite high efficiency filter paper and glass fiber high efficiency filter paper. Among them, PP(polypropylene) is paper, so it is generally not washable. Another part of the HEPA filter is made of PET or PTFE material, which is the origin of many online claims of washed HEPA filters, but here Xiaobian must remind that the efficiency of PET is very low.

PP high efficiency filter paper:

It is a new type of filter material made of polypropylene by special hot melt method, the product is acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high melting point, stable performance, non-toxic, tasteless, uniform distribution, with low resistance, high efficiency, high strength, environmental protection and other characteristics.

PET filter paper:

It is made of polyester resin and other materials, high hardness, good stiffness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, stable performance, commonly used in vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners and other household appliances with low filtration accuracy requirements or large cleaning machines.

Composite filter paper (PP and PET) :

Composite filter paper, simply put, is melt-blown a layer of PP, and then melt-blown a layer of PET, so that he integrates the point of PP and the point of PET: easy to form, filtration accuracy can be guaranteed; Both stiffness, but also to ensure high precision filtration effect.

Glass fiber high efficiency filter paper:

Glass fiber filter paper is a very high gold content filter paper, which has been used in the nuclear industry. Some foreign big brands of purifiers, such as Orange, IQAir, etc., are made of aluminum frames or other metal shells, in order to fix the filter paper and seal it well so as not to damage the filtration effect.