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Air Filter Paper for Flat Heavy Duty with Honeycomb Air Filter Element

Automotive filter paper is one of the main materials used in the production of automotive filters, also known as automotive filter paper, which includes air filter paper, engine oil filter paper, and fuel filter paper. It is a resin impregnated filter paper used in internal combustion engines such as automobiles, ships, and tractors, serving as the "lungs" of automotive engines to remove impurities in air, engine oil, and fuel, prevent wear and tear of engine components, and extend their service life. With the rapid development of the world automotive industry, resin impregnated paper filter cartthridges have been widely accepted and adopted by the automotive filter industry worldwide as a filtering material

  • Grammage 95±5
  • Air Permeability 200±30
  • Corrugation Depth plain
  • Tnickness 0.35±0.03
  • Burst Strength 250±30
  • Stiffness 4.0±0.5
  • Max pore size 55±5
  • Mean pore size 50±5