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Industrial Dust Collector Air Filter paper (Flame retardant filter paper/ Nanofiber filter paper)

Dust collector filter media request higher efficiency due to working environment and conditions, so nano superfine fiber is necessary during production to increase filter media performance.

This filter media is applied to the air filter of industrial dust collector. When air goes through filter, dust will be separated and stayed on the surface of filter media. Clean air passes and enters in the system, then exhausted from air outlet. After using for some time, cleaning device will start and make pulses to clear accumulated dust on the filter. Therefore, good filtration efficiency, high burst strength and smooth surface are the necessary requirements of dust collector filter media.

    Dust filter is a kind of high temperature resistant air purifier filter, dust filter is used for large dust content and high demand gas/solid separator, it is used for gas-solid separation of a dust filter. The following by Tianyu purification to explain the advantages of dust filter, characteristics and applications.


    1. Dust filter in the industry is mainly used to compress the dust in the air, filter efficiency is high, simple installation, use, easy maintenance and other advantages.
    2. The dust filter has the advantages of high filtration accuracy, good waterproof and oil proof performance, low resistance, large handling air volume, good stiffness, not easy to deform, washable, long life and so on.
    3. The polyester fiber filter paper and glass fiber sintered felt of dust removal filter are made of high-quality wood pulp fiber filter paper, and the filter materials such as high-strength polyester fiber non-woven cloth are suitable for the needs of various industrial dust removal systems.


    1. Dust removal is very important in the industrial field, dust removal filter is an instrument that can effectively solve dust, so dust removal filter is widely used in the industrial field.
    2. Dust filter element with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong professional performance, large filtration area, oil and water proof, high filtration efficiency, large handling air volume, high strength, large tension, strong wear resistance, high filtration accuracy, low running resistance, low friction coefficient, non-stick powder performance, moisture and moisture resistance, can be washed repeatedly, improve the quality of powder production and other characteristics.

    Analysis of application advantages

    1. Dust filter manufacturers products are mainly used in painting equipment, industrial dust removal, central air conditioning duct cleaning, powder spraying, sandblasting operations, pigment industry, wood processing filtration.
    2. Dust filter precision up to 0.3 micron. Filtration efficiency 99.96%, imported long fiber polyester filter material, fiber interleaving, uniform distribution.
    3. Dust filter wear resistance is good, than the traditional filter material can withstand the pulse of air flow back blowing, filter material stiffness is good, and can be repeatedly cleaned.
    4. The end cover and central skeleton of the dust filter are electric galvanized parts, which are not rusted and are loved by various industrial fields.

    Air Filter Paper For Inflaming Retarding

    Model number: LWK-135-280INF

    Acrylic resin impregnation
    Specification unit value
    Grammage g/m² 135±5
    Thickness mm 0.75±0.03
    Corrugation depth mm 0.30±0.05
    Air permeability △p=200pa L/ m²*s 280±30
    Max pore size μm 58±5
    Mean pore size μm 55±5
    Burst strength kpa 280±50
    Stiffness mn*m 5.5±0.5
    Resin content 22±2
    Color free free
    Note: color, size and each specification parameter can be changed as per customer’s requirement.

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