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Nanofiber wood pulp paper


Nano-fiber composite filter material is sprayed on imported wood pulp and paper substrates (which can be treated as flame retarding) by high pressure electrostatic spinning. F7-H11 (EN779-2012) filter material with different filtration accuracy can be made by adjusting the spraying distribution. Nano-coating technology can significantly reduce the pore size of the filter material and greatly increase the specific surface area. More fine particles are intercepted on the surface of the filter paper, and the filtration mechanism is changed from deep filtration to surface filtration.

Nano-fiber combined with wood pulp paper has high strength, small aperture, can achieve high efficiency and low resistance, easy to reverse blow ash, and is widely used in commercial vehicle intake system, gas turbine intake system, air compressor intake system, industrial dust removal, heavy duty truck filter and other fields.