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What are the main reasons why automotive filter paper affects industrial filter paper?


Many manufacturers of industrial filter paper will encounter such questions: What is the main reason for affecting industrial filter paper filtration?

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more filter paper companies, whether it is industrial filter paper, or ordinary filter paper manufacturers.

Cause one: The temperature during filtration

Because the filter paper in the operation, there will be a low suspension temperature, resulting in a larger viscosity, the speed of filtration will also be affected, the speed is low, naturally will affect the effect. The temperature during filtration should not exceed 70 degrees. The filter paper produced is also cost-effective. Therefore, the old master put the temperature in the front, which shows the importance of filtering temperature.

Reason 2: In the production of industrial filter paper, many magazines in crude oil are incompressible impurities. The operating pressure also increases with the filtration rate. It is assumed that once the oil in the industrial filter paper is suspended, its solid matter will change. And when the colloidal material is formed, it will increase as the pressure increases. The gap in the filter paper will also become smaller, the resistance during filtration will also become larger, and the entire production efficiency will decrease, so the size of the pressure during filtration should be determined according to different circumstances.

Reason three: the concentration of industrial filter paper suspension

Because the concentration of industrial filter paper is large when filtering, the filtered residue is also much, so that the effective filtration time in each operation cycle of intermittent production is shortened accordingly, affecting the output. For the operation of continuous vacuum filter, the filter cake generated when the concentration is larger is more uniform, and it is easy to clean in time, and has little impact on the output.