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What are the paper materials used in cars?


Automobile filter paper is one of the main materials for the production of automobile filters, also known as automobile three filter paper, that is, air filter paper, oil filter paper, fuel filter paper, it is a resin impregnated filter paper, in the filter production line through the partial pressure, pressure wave, collecting and curing processes made of filters, which in automobiles, ships, tractors and other internal combustion engines, play the role of the "lung" of the automobile engine. To remove the impurities in the air, oil and fuel, prevent the wear of the engine parts, extend its service life. There are many filter materials, such as cellulose, felt, cotton yarn, non-woven fabric, metal wire and glass fiber, etc., basically replaced by resin-impregnated paper filter, with the rapid development of the world automobile industry, filter paper as a filter material has been widely accepted by the world automobile filter industry. As early as 2004, the United States has listed automobile filter paper as one of the ten most promising paper species in the world.High quality air filter paper

Let's first understand the role of the car air filter: What does the car burn? Many people will surely say: burn oil! In fact, it is only half true that cars burn oil and gas, and engines burn a mixture of air and gasoline. The current electric injector is controlled by the computer to spray oil into the intake pipe to form a mixture. Most people pay much attention to the quality of fuel, but ignore the quality of the air used by the engine to burn.

Therefore, before the air enters the cylinder, it must be carefully filtered by the air filter before it can enter the cylinder. The air filter is the patron saint of the engine, and the condition of the air filter is related to the life of the engine.

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